Contract Vehicle Manufacturing

How does a start-up company, small volume manufacturer or vehicle up-fitter handle building a prototype, first article or volume production? Make FP GreenFleet your manufacturing partner.

One of the challenges for any start-up is, while your core staff is focused on developing technology, you need to build vehicles to demonstrate it. Do you take your team off of critical development tasks and projects to fabricate and assemble (probably not their strength) or hire additional staff to build a handful of vehicles only to let them and their newly acquired knowledge of your IP go after the project is complete. Our expert staff and world class manufacturing facility is here whenever you need it. Our facility is large enough to isolate your project, restrict access and protect your IP.

Making the leap from R&D to production is a huge financial investment many companies do not have the wherewithal to make pre-revenue. FP GreenFleet is a cost effective alternative to bridge the gap for your company until it the right time to expand your own internal capabilities.

Received an order that out strips your capability or you’re already at full capacity? Let our capacity be your buffer so you can meet your customer’s expectations and maintain the delivery schedule for all of your projects.

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