Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

Power anywhere you need with our V2G exportable power option. The power that puts our vehicles in motion can be exported for consumer, commercial, and utility power requirements. Our V2G makes it easy to plug in from outlets integrated onto the exterior of the vehicle to provide emergency power, speed utility repairs, or operate job site tools in remote locations.

Our V2G options provide up to 120 kW of synchronized, grid quality, mobile power, and can be exported for a variety of uses:

Emergency Power: In the event of a natural disaster, Our V2G capability can provide critical power to neighborhoods, tools, and other electric equipment. At 120kW, our power export capability is the industry’s highest—able to keep the power on for up to 100 homes.

Minimize the Duration and Frequency of Outages: In the event of planned or unplanned power outages, utilities can eliminate or significantly reduce downtime. For the first time in history, technicians can drive to a jobsite, synchronize power from the truck’s battery with the grid, begin exporting power, and hot swap the transformer for maintenance-all with no interruption of service.

Run Vehicle and Job Site Tools: In anti-idle zones, during late hours, or in remote locations, Our V2G can be used to operate vehicle accessories or job site tools with zero engine idling, no noise, fumes, or greenhouse gas emissions.
Our V2G solutions also include vehicle to grid options,  enabling electric vehicles to power and be powered by the grid with bi-directional charging capabilities. BEVs and PHEVs can make excess, previously unutilized rechargeable battery capacity available to power the grid to offload peak demands, or for the purposes of transformer servicing.

Options include:


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